A beautiful and inspiring love story of a wonderful couple who did not let distance stand in their way

His name is Falex a Nigerian and she is Tess a Britsh. The love of your life is only a click away. Sign up on African Dateboard NOW!

Read the inspiring love story below.

March 2011 i woke to find a friend request. It was from a very handsome man in Lagos Nigeria. His name was Olabode (nickname FALEX).I looked through his profile and liked what i saw...... not expecting anything other than friendship due to the distance. i am in the UK.I accepted he inbox straight away. We spoke and spoke and spoke. Was like i had known him all my life.I had one major concern and that was the age difference. I am 15 yrs older.

Falex didnt see it as a problem so i thought"Why not"We decided very very early on that we wanted to be "a couple" and after 8 days of speaking i had FALEX tattooed on the back of my neck.We spoke and spoke more and more. Things didnt go smoothly at all.......after 6 wks we separated......altho­ugh we spoke on BBM and email all the time.We both started to see other people but were still messaging each other.This carried on until Oct 2011 when once again our feelings were too much and we gave it another go. Christmas 2011 was the worst year ever for me.......police incidents due to my ex severe illness for me and even death on Boxing Day.

Falex was with me ALL the way even though miles apart.He called he messaged he skyped.I decided enough was enough I HAD TO MEET THIS MAN!!So i made a plan to fly to Lagos in April 2012. Spent one week with him and we didnt leave each others side or stop talking for the whole week.That week Falex proposed AGAIN.I left feeling very empty BUT the happiest i had ever been. (I said YES)As soon as i arrived back we started to plan our wedding.I flew back August 2012 and we were married in IKOYI Lagos.I have visited Nigeria five times and he is in the process of relocating .

I hope this gives you guys the courage and the strength to know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF TWO PEOPLE TRULY WANT IT.