Online success story of a beautiful couple.

Some time in 2010, my sister told me about a dating site she had heard of. So i decided to join. For several months, i only got notifications from young boys in their early twenties. Uff it was tiring! I then made up my mind to end my membership!

While i was looking for the delete button, i discovered there was page where i could see all the people who had viewed my profile. Curiosity got the better of me so i clicked on that page. I then noticed this red haired norwegian guy.

He didnt only view my page but also dropped a message, saying please add me on facebook. So i searched his name on facebook and added him after i found him. Luckily, he was online and we had our first chat. One day he told me that he is coming to Nigeria. I did not want to believe it because i had heard such promises before. He told me, " I am coming to marry you! And he did. He finally came to Nigeria a couple of months later and we hit it off immediately.

He is the perfect match for me as i am for him. It ll soon be four years since we got married. And our love for each other is so deep and we have no single regret or second thought.