Ethiopa and USA connection

Read the beautiful story of love between Jeff and Etfwork. Jeff shares:

Ok here's our story.

On my 38th birthday Etfwork wished me a happy birthday.We started chatting that day.I thought she was in a relationship at that time as she also thought I was. She asked me if I was saying obviously you have a girlfriend and i said I did not.

I then Said I know you do right? She said no, I'm single..We both were happy to hear that of course. So we kept chatting everyday and she asked for my number which I'm like sure you won't call me tho.

She said I will try tomorrow and to my surprise, she called me the next day.We chatted and spoke on the phone for like a month. Then we started talking about me going to Ethiopia to visit her. So, for about a total of around 7 months, we kept talking. And finally, I got a ticket to go visit her.

We also talked about her coming to America. Anyways, I was the one to go and and visit her. One week after I was there, we also got married. Ya for some might think that's crazy and think other reasons why she wanted to come here, but we knew how much we already loved each other.

We have been together more than 4 years and married for almost 3 of them.

She's a amazing, loving and kind woman. I love her more everyday if that's possible.